Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Finnish Add Growth to the Indoor Golf Market

Finland is leading the indoor golf market in Europe. With an indoor golfing season from October through to April, there are now some 135,000 Finnish golfers playing golf on 140 golf courses in the summer - all developed by Sports Coach Systems. During the last two years Sports Coach have sold 84%, of the golf simulators purchased in Finland.

Pasi Kuutti, Managing Director of Leaf Arena based in Turku commented “On the best days we have had 12 hours daily usage on the golf simulator. Sports Coach has worked perfectly and customers are very pleased with the machine. The simulator has been in use this winter from October until April and every day we have had lots of players. During this year - our first winter, we have got back our total investment on the machine. Better players with a 0 – 5 handicap have used the machine and local junior golf teams use Sports Coach to measure different things. We are really happy with the new high speed camera technology.”

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