Friday, 29 October 2010

Simulatorspel Delivers a Quality Golfing Experience

Simulatorspel, a forward thinking Swedish indoor golf facility has recently opened in Gothenberg, Sweden.

As part of their commitment to quality, Simulatorspel insisted on installing only the latest GPS Platinum Golf Simulators. The result is an incredible 270 degree golfing experience and a choice of 100 courses.

Simulatorspel have also incorporated network gaming into the centre. This relatively new development by Sports Coach Systems has been utilised by creating a tournament with 64 teams in 8 groups, which reduce in number through knockout stages during the season. Players nominate which day they wish to play each fortnight, to which they are assigned throughout the season until they are knocked out. The feedback from clients is extreemely encouraging, with directors planning on adding more surround simulators to keep up with demand. To promote the facility, Simulatorspel have also invested in an inflatable golf simulator to demonstrate the facility to golfers around Gothenburg, and to raise awareness of the centre.