Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Costa Cruises Select Sports Coach

Costa Cruises began as a fleet of freighters mid-1800's, and are now the largest modern cruise fleet in Europe. The Italian fleet of 11 operates cruises of seven days and beyond, throughout the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Arabian Gulf, Asia, the Indian Ocean and trans-Atlantic.

Since May 2009, Costa have launched 3 liners. The 92,700-ton Costa Luminosa, the Costa Deliziosa and the Costa Favolosa, all of which are fitted with golf simulators on board. Following extensive market research and tests, Sports Coach were chosen having met the main selection criteria, which included accuracy, reliability and low maintenance requirements.
In July 2006, the cruise line launched its biggest ship - The Concordia. Two more Concordia-class vessels are scheduled to in spring 2011 and spring 2012, both of which will also carry Sports Coach golf simulators.

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