Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Sports Coach Develops Online Tournaments

Many indoor golf centres are already benefiting from the networked gaming option developed by Sports Coach, which allows several golf simulators to be connected to a local network for tournament games. Players can select a start date, finish date, the course to be played and the competition mode to be used. The network game feature is great for tournament games that are spread over time as a tournament can be set up to last for a day, week or even a month. This flexibility allows players to join the game and play the tournament at any time during the tournament period and see how they rank on the tournament scorecard. As part of release 2.47, this feature has been developed further to include an online tournament mode, giving players the opportunity to engage in tournaments across the internet. Enhancing this feature further is the addition of live leaderboard displays. Usually running on a separate computer acting as an academy server, the live leaderboards are updated and rotated every 30 seconds. Academies have reported that networking and online tournaments are powerful tools to achieve repeat custom.