Monday, 28 March 2011

Golf Simulator Cures Winter Blues

The snow can cause complications for golf with many courses closed until the winter freeze has melted away, But in Gatten, Denmark, golfers are not put off by blankets of snow on the fairway. At Himmerland Golf and Country Club, the secret is the introduction of a new Sports Coach 3D Platinum Golf Simulator, which gives players the opportunity to play indoors all year round.
With a huge screen, stretching 30 m2, the simulator offers golfers the chance to immerse themselves into a realistic backdrop on more than 100 of the best known courses in the world, which has been attracting bookings since the installation only a few weeks ago.
Himmerland Golf and Country Club decided that the Sports Coach simulator is the finest simulator on the market today, and as Sports Coach are simulator manufacturers, Himmerland intend to have their own golf course modelled later in the year.