Monday, 21 March 2011

Impressive Golf Facility Opens in Stockholm

Situated in Stockholm's southern suburbs, a short distance across from the world's largest Ikea store, lies Heron City, a shopping and entertainment complex not far dissimilar to other large out of city shopping centres sprouting around the world. However, Heron City is home to a very ambitious project that is drawing great interest from golf simulator enthusiasts and businesses.
Tomas Lindkvist, general manager of O'Learys Sports has recently revealed a golf simulator facility, a project that has been two years in the making. Following extensive research and budget analysis, the facility was opened at the end of January having taken delivery and installation of no less than five Sports Coach golf simulators, all supplied through C&T International.
All of the five simulators use the latest technology with twin high-speed cameras measuring ball travel from two separate 90 degree angles. Each simulator offers 110 courses including Swedish options Bro-BĂ„lsta, Kungsangen, Halmstad and Oxie.
Golfers can also indulge while they play as the facility boasts a licenced bar and the Golf Channel on big screens.
With five simulators available, the facility also offers tournament games, linking each of the machines to a tournament server that displays a live leaderboard.