Monday, 7 March 2011

Simulators Assist Performance Golf

With so many golf products on the market, finding the one which works for you is becomming increasingly difficult. Performance Golf Studio, based in Surrey, have a wealth of knowledge in this area. The club fitting staff are highly trained PGA professionals with extensive swing coaching knowledge as well as a unique understanding of club components and fitting. Coupled with the latest technology and product know how, the team assist in improving a golfers overall game for the future using ball flight simulation software, and fitting expertly built golf clubs. The indoor range facility allows the pros to see golfers overall shot pattern as well as viewing all relevant information in terms of club speed, ball speed, launch and spin.
If swing technique needs some attention before an equipment change, fitters are experienced enough to highlight these changes using high speed video systems before recommending a golf club change. The high speed camera bay also highlights swing characteristics and can explain why certain types of head and shaft combinations will produce better results than others.