Friday, 1 April 2011

Golf Team Holland Supports Golfers with Disabilities

The 5th Annual Amsterdam Golf Show took place between 11th and 13th March this year, attracting over 13,000 visitors. The show is more than just a golf fair, with numerous exhibitors, the newest collections, golf shops and a huge array of indoor driving ranges and greens, making it a perfect place for testing equipment.
Many top golf players actively participated in the show, and amongst them, Golf Team Holland, represented by Christel Boeljon (from the ladies European Tour and LPGA tour), Floris de Vries and Tim Sluiter (both from the European Tour).

The team had organised a special charity event to raise funds and awareness for Netherlands Disabled Golf, with the Dutch Golf Company providing a Sports Coach GPS Platinum Simulator. As well as Golf Team Holland, physically limited players also tried a few swings on the simulator. All were impressed with the simulators accuracy.

The therapeutic benefits of golf for players with disabilities are immense. Activity such as this stretches the muscles, reduces spasticties, stimulates mobility of the joints and helps metabolism. Due to the shere size of a the Platinum simulator, it can easily accomodate a Para Golfer allowing the player to use the on board stand-up device to assist with a stable stance. The player can then connect with the ball firmly and experience a performance that is similar to that of non-handicapped players.