Thursday, 18 August 2011

Sports Coach Release Ultimate Golf Studio

Sports Coach has recently completed the Ultimate Golf Studio upgrade, a new addition to the Sports Coach suite of products.

The Ultimate Golf Studio is aimed at existing customers with single screen simulators and new customers that would like the benefits of the Ultimate Academy, but in a single projected screen format.

Until recently, most installed golf simulators consisted of a traditional single screen projected setup. Now it is possible to upgrade with the addition of 2 additional High Definition LCD screens on the right side and a video coaching camera*. With 3 High Definition Displays integrated the Ultimate Golf Academy experience can be achieved, with the projected image displaying the local golf course, one lcd screen showing the actual shot performance and the second lcd screen displaying the actual swing performance.
The Ultimate Golf Studio provides the golfer with live interactive video playback and analysis data on two additional screens. This has been proven as an excellent coaching tool as it can visually demonstrate shot performance and highlight areas of improvement where needed.

*Older systems may require some hardware upgrades. A GPU or graphics expansion card capable of three displays is required for all upgrades. Please contact your supplier for more details.