Thursday, 8 September 2011

Sports Coach Offer Sample Business Plans

Sports Coach is regularly requested to provide various Indoor Golf Business Plans, which are provided at no charge to the client. To facilitate these requests, Sports Coach has created three Business Plans for a Golf Studio, Golf Café and Golf Centre.
In general, when building a business plan there are a number of areas that need to be considered. First of all, when a potential location has been located, summarise the initial viability of the location having researched the area. As an example, this can include how far away local golf clubs are to the proposed factlity, local golf club memberships, whether there is a local driving range, how far a driving range is from the golf clubs and the proposed facility, local population, whether the area is affluent, whether the location is seasonal , affordability, local interest in golf etc.
Facilities that already exist locally that can both assist with viability and cause direct competition - such as golf courses, driving ranges, golf stores and indoor entertainment. You should establish the possible impact of local factors. Consider the local golfing population and their access to golf facilities as this helps determine the ideal size and location for your facility.
Your business plan should include a statement explaining how you intend to address your competition. For example - if the facility will gain interest from golfers that are unable to play on their regular course during the off-season months, or if Driving Range customers will be attracted as the simulators are indoors, cheaper play and available all weathers. You could mention that the simulators offer a more detailed analysis from a player’s shot and will prove to be competitively priced on a per shot basis or that the relaxing environment will offer choice to those interested in sporting activities and competitive pricing similar to other sporting activities.
Sports Coach recommends hourly rates not to exceed £30.00 per hour, as this rate compares favourably with similar sporting activities available. We also suggest proposing opening times between 10am and 10pm daily, Monday to Saturday.
Several revenue streams can be created through hourly rental of the golf technology that is very versatile and can operate for virtual ranges, simulator game play, tournament play, ultimate golf lessons, putting game play and custom club fitting,
Additional revenues can be achived through refreshments, golf merchandising, Ultimate Golf Lessons, Putting Gameplay Golf Accessories and Memberships.