Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Sports Coach Releases Golf Ball Fitting

Sports Coach has recently has released the world’s most comprehensive golf ball fitting facility, which is fully embedded as standard within the GPS Virtual Ranges and Virtual Chipping practice areas. This user friendly custom ball fitting service, which is available at no extra cost to the customer, provides golfers and professionals with the toolset to match the correct golf ball to a player that best suits their own shot performance. Players can test their own golf clubs, with up to 5 different golf balls in one custom fitting session and use this valuable tool to determine which make and model of golf ball will provide the best possible ball flight on the golf course. The program takes into consideration ball characteristics for core type, skin type, dimples, feel, make and model of the golf ball and returns data for ball velocity, back spin, side spin, vertical launch angle, horizontal launch angle, shot height and the ball flight allowing the player to make an informed choice on which to select the best suited ball.