Friday, 17 February 2012

First Golf Simulator Introduced in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s first indoor Golf Simulator has now opened in Columbo. The Sports Coach Platinum simulator, with 130 courses was the initiative of husband and wife Maha and Indira Jayetileke, who aim to bring state of the art golf simulator technology to Sri Lanka.

The Pleisure Golf Simulator, which uses two 3D cameras to measure ball flight, was installed to assist in the development of junior golfers and to improve player performance of seasoned golfers though the interactive indoor practice and analysis environment it offers.

This amazing facility has been enjoyed by many who have chosen to play one of the several courses available, practiced on the driving range, or spent time improving their skills with chipping and putting.

The Simulator facility is expected to be in high demand as it allows for a very economical round of golf without the walk!