Saturday, 29 September 2012

Simulator Development to Include Soccer Golf

Soccer Golf is an up and coming popular sport in Northern Europe, which is predominately being played by footballers, who outnumber golfers some 30 to 1. The game can be either played on a golf course using nets instead of holes or a specially designed soccer golf course with holes big enough to accommodate a standard sized soccer ball. Sports Coach is currently redeveloping the simulation software to cater for this market and give operators increased revenue generation and open new market opportunities. It will be possible to play GPS golf courses simply by kicking the football into a larger golf hole. The existing detection software is being modified along with the ball flight algorithm, so that the football can be kicked from the same hitting position and measured as accurately as a golf ball. The ball speed, direction and curvature of the ball flight will be truly replicated using the existing installed simulators as this software upgrade will be fully integrated.