Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Sports Coach to Develop Additional Sports

Sports Coach recently doubled its research and development team, to ensure that the product range continues to grow, at the fastest rate in its 20 year history. One notable example is the new website that has now been updated www.sports-coach.com. The soccer golf detection system has already been successfully been completed, with soccer golf courses available shortly. Existing simulator customers can now order the soccer golf program, as a bolt on to their existing simulator, so creating new revenue streams, with the general public. The increased programming team are currently developing, the soccer simulator, using the world’s most advanced graphics engine, enabling football players to contest and practise technique. Focusing initially on penalties, free kicks and corners, like all Sports Coach programs, this will be continually be enhanced to ensure players are fully immersed in famous football stadiums, with recognisable goal keepers, due by the end of 2012.  Other sports currently under development include Rugby and American Football, with many other sports due to be commenced, utilising the very best graphics engine and the most accurate detection system.