Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Automated Booking System and Unmanned Facility Access Released

Following requests for an automated booking system for un-manned facilities, Sports coach has developed a software suite that offers facilities a fully automated online booking system and back end solution to control access to remote sites.
The system consists of an online website that can take bookings for predefined timeslots over a rolling two week 24/7 window. After purchasing the software, the booking system website can be uploaded to a chosen web hosting service, and from there it can be customised to suit. Users can control the logo, background images, time slots available, time slot length, and individual time slot prices to suit.
Once customers make a booking and pay for their selected date and timeslot online, the system generates a pin code, emails the code to the customer and sends the code tothe access control system at the remote site that permits access to the premisis for the selected date and time.
Systems such as this are widely used by unmanned gyms, solariums and hotel rooms. They produce huge savings as facilities do not require staff.