Friday, 28 February 2014

Sports Simulator sees Further Developments

The start of 2014 has seen a lot of Sports Simulator developments, with the latest addition being the Goal Wall. The Goal Wall is based on a Saturday night football game show which is very popular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  Many leading football players compete with the public to score goals through holes in the wall. The same functionality has now been achieved on the Sports Simulator. Other developments include referees, umpires and linesmen being added with full animation into the respective sports such as American Football, Australian Rules, Rugby League and Gaelic Football. Pitch advertising has been embedded into the Sports Simulator, so that the same imagery for each stadium matches those of the selected teams. Stadium development has also continued with 30 top Ice Hockey arenas now created, along with 30 Basketball arenas in preparation for these additional sports to be added in the forthcoming weeks to the worlds most advanced HD Sports Simulator.