Monday, 24 March 2014

Sports Coach to Release GSX

Sports Coach has been hard at work delivering several enhancements this March. For gameplay, Remote Management Networking has undergone further development to include additional features that can be controlled from a booking desk. The latest release allows users to trigger virtual range, chipping and putting sessions.
To improve the feel of the simulator, the course development team have been working on new grass textures for the fairways, tees, greens and roughs. In addition, further developments are taking place with the Unmanned Golf package with the introduction of gaming reports showing data such as when a game started and when the simulator was last played. This allows facility managers to identify where customers have gone beyond their booking time and allows for additional charges to be applied. The data can also be used to calculate usage trends.

The most poignant development in 2014 is the creation of GSX or Golf Simulator Xperience. Currently all 162 GPS golf courses are being integrated into an entirely new advanced graphics engine and it is anticipated that the product will launch this summer.
The new graphics engine eliminates loading times between holes, it has a new physics engine using real-world reference data, more realistic trees, bushes and plants, and real-time passing of time with animated clouds, shadows, enhanced terrain lighting, flowing water, sunlit water and animated objects such as flying birds and walking animals.

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