Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Sports Simulator Develops Infra Red Technology

Sports Simulator Ltd been working on a new Infrared detection system using Infrared lighting and Infrared cameras. Golf and Football Flight Performance programming has been completed, and now both products can run on the same platform using the same detection technology. All other ball sports are now being developed, which will allow existing 3D High Speed Camera Systems to be upgraded to the new Infrared lighting technology. Existing Golf Simulators in the market place can be easily upgraded to become Super Simulators with the HD Sports Simulator integrated into the system.
The Sports Simulator package now also includes a free kick feature. Players can set the position of 'the wall' and the number of the players within it. This new feature is great for Football clubs to regularly test all their players to find out who is the current best free kick specialist. For more information about Sports Simulator products please visit

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