Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Driving Range Coaching

Leading Teaching Professional Jonathan Lush PGA, has installed the Ultimate Teaching facility in Germany. Which is easily converted from a 3 Screen Ultimate Golf Academy, where golfers hit balls into the 270 degree screen, into an Ultimate Golf Studio. Where golfers are able to hit golf balls out on to the driving range in wa
rmer months, whilst their performance data is accurately displayed on the LCD Screen on the wall.


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  4. Golf has not changed much over centuries. Sure…clubs, ball technology, and clothing have improved immeasurably, but it is essentially still the same game it has always been… well until now. Rangefinders are making their way into golf, giving golfers additional information to improve their game by helping to accurately gauge distances.

  5. This is pretty close to my ideal home set up. In fact, I'm not sure I would ever actually make it to the course if I had this at home!
    I actually reviewed a couple of these on my site:

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